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CenterPath Wellness is a 501©3 private, not-for-profit community mental health clinic providing mental health, addictions, and wellness and recovery services to the residents of Union County and North Plainfield since 1944. (Formerly UCPC Behavioral Health Care)

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We provide treatment services through various programs: Adult Partial Care; Adult Intensive Outpatient; and Adult and Children Outpatient.


  • Psychotherapy - counseling services provided by a Master's level Clinician who is specifically trained to provide mental health services. Therapy is provided to individuals, couples, groups, and families - to both children and adults.

  • Psychiatric Evaluation - assessment by a Psychiatrist or Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) for the purpose of diagnosis and determination whether a client might benefit from medication.

  • Medication Management - regularly scheduled visits with the Psychiatrist or APN to monitor medication and assure the most therapeutic medicines and dosages are being used to promote optimum well-being.

  • Injection Services - clients are provided with bi-weekly or monthly medication injections to maintain stabilization of mental health issues.


  • Case Management - assistance to help clients obtain other needed services such as pharmaceutical assistance programs or medical healthcare.

  • Partial Care Program - a therapeutic day program focused on promoting wellness and recovery for seriously and persistently mentally ill adults.

  • Co-occurring Disorders Program (MICA and Co-Occurring Program forRecovery) - two therapeutic treatment tracks for persons working to recover from mental illness and addiction problems.