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Our mission and our promise...
To inspire hope, healing and
determination in those we serve
to live their best lives.

CenterPath Wellness Then

CenterPath Wellness, a 501©3 non-profit organization, was established in October 1944 by community members to help children and their families with emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Until the1960s, the agency was primarily a child guidance center. With the de-institutionalizing of patients from State psychiatric hospitals, the
development of community mental health centers and funding from the Division of Mental Health Services, CenterPath Wellness became increasingly more adult-focused, though we continue to treat
children and families.



CenterPath Wellness Now
We have since evolved to treat a variety of behavioral, mental health and addiction problems for all age groups in Union County and surrounding


We have greatly expanded services to individuals requiring therapy and psychotropic medication. These services provide treatment and care for those with mental health or addiction issues.


We also work closely with local and state hospitals and state authorities to serve clients who are on probation or parole and require these specific services.

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